Unified life cycle management of multi-source intelligence, automatically add supplementary comtext.
TIP supports fusion mode of the MRTI, advanced reports, third-party TI, customized intelligence.We cover more than 200 open source intelligence in the world, unified manage the intelligence lifecycle.
Joint intelligence judgement, multi-source intelligence associate.
TIP collaborate the security team members to joint judges intelligence,complement the TTPs of the attacker organization, and ultimately form an attacker portrait database. Moreover, TIP supports the horizontal and comparative view of data from multiple intelligence sources on single intelligence, and comprehensively assess the full view of intelligence from different perspectives.
Support the international standard, compatible with all kinds of third--party security products, single point perception,entire network interaction.
Based on customized strategies, TIP synchronize the high- risk IOC to your network-edge firewall, routing devices, SoC/SIEM, NGFW and other security products or cascading downstream TIM to realize the single point perception and entire network interaction.Prevent the attacker corss between different business environment.