China's first cybersecurity analysis and intelligence conference
Development prospects of threat Intelligence
Jin Xiangyu, Chairman of the conference
Cyber Threats in a World of Cloud
Shao Jiangning, Microsoft China,chief security advisor
Intelligence driven security intelligence
Xue Feng, CEO of ThreatBook
Building the intelligence analysis driven iSOC
Zheng Yuming, Splunk, senior technology manager
Compromise foucused outreach behavior analysis
Zhang Song, security director,Huatai Securities
Analysis of security threat development and intelligence situational awareness technology, and promotion of real-time defense and advanced defense concepts
Du Jianfeng, senior security consultant,Paloalto Networks Great China
The path of enterprise security from defense to detection
Ji Shuhan, AutoHome, Security Director
Threat intelligence exploration and practices in the financial industry
Yang Yang, Safety architect of China UnionPay’s Electronic Payment Research Institute/National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce Technologies and E-payment
Mitigate Breach Damages with Real-time Analytics using Time-based Security
Gary S. Miliefsky Cyber Defense Magazine
Data analysis and automatic decision based on threat Intelligence
Huang Kai, Senior Security Engineer of E-capital Transfer
From information to intelligence and from traceback to synergy
Xie Tao, vice president of Tianji Partners