CTI Empowerment
CTI Production
Security Operations
APT Detection
CTI Empowerment
CTI Production
Security Operations
APT Detection
  • Why Enterprises Need Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)?


  • Faced with unknown and complex attacks such as 0-day and APT, or severe attack incidents that have not yet occurred, should we just sit and wait for the worst to happen?

Intrusion Analysis

  • There are too many alerts from various security devices, even after cross-validation, the vast majority of alerts are marked as high-risk. Which one should be dealt with first?

Incident Response

  • Threats are often discovered too late. Can we response efficiently to minimize the impact of intrusion?

CTI Empowers Threat Detection and Analysis

  • Best Practice: Based on hundreds of threat intelligence cases, we have extracted core experiences and developed practical intelligence-enabled solutions.
  • One-stop Platform: Integrate multiple sources of intelligence to form a local threat intelligence knowledge base, and interface with security devices through standard interfaces to enhance enterprise security operations in a one-stop manner.
  • Multi-dimensional Empowerment: Provide comprehensive empowerment in scenarios such as intrusion detection, event analysis, response coordination, host file analysis, asset vulnerability analysis, login and business risk control.

Our Advantages

Rich Experience

  • Nearly 200 practical cases across various industries, including finance, energy, state-owned enterprises, telecom operators, and large corporations.

High-quality Application

  • Provide customers with high-quality and rich contextual fields to help establish various intelligence-based detection and analysis models.

Precise Output

  • Self-developed intelligence data ensures accurate and reliable output results for each scenario.
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