Core Capabilities

Community of intelligence sharing and tools for threat analysis

Intelligence search engine

It supports global IP, domain name, Hash, URL, Email, vulnerability and keyword search functions to quickly identify known threats, and provides rich context data such as digital certificates and relevant samples/URL, etc. for further analysis to find unknown threats.

Asset extension analysis

It supports advanced queries such as IP PDNS data, domain name history Whois, subdomain name data, etc., providing assistance for users to conduct extension analysis on domain names and IP-related assets in attack events, and obtaining more information on attack assets behind attack groups. Meanwhile, combined with data traceability such as Whois, the personal identity or virtual identity of the attacker is obtained.

Network asset mapping

It supports flexible syntax query, helps users grasp attacker portrait clues and attack hazard scope, and assesses the degree of attack damage, etc., which provides data support and assistance for enterprise security construction.

Circle sharing and communication

An efficient tool focusing on intelligence/information sharing and incident management, providing users with a private space to share information with internal team members and collaborate with threat analysis, helping users attract friends to exchange and discuss in the same areas of interest.

Community Highlights

Rich context for investigation and analysis

  • One-stop threat analysis data
  • Analyze and discover more asset correlations
  • Trace the identity of the attacker behind the source

Improve the efficiency of threat analysis

  • Comprehensive search capabilities of intelligence
  • Analyze hacker portrait based on real attacks
  • Quickly identify the features of attackers

Easy to share threat intelligence broadly

  • 100,000+ users in the security industry
  • Gather group/organization wisdom
  • Focus on intelligence sharing and incident analysis

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